(05) Valence Electrons and Language Families

This week in The Elements we are adding to our knowledge of the ways in which electrons interact.

Activity 1

Draw out the elements and their electron shells. Answer the questions about each electron.

Activity 2

Draw out the elements and their Lewis dot diagrams.  Answer the questions about each electron.  Don’t forget to turn the page and continue on through activity 2.

Activity 3

Write out the riddle and its corresponding answer.  You do not need to put the answers in complete sentences.

Activity 4

Be sure to read and understand page 37 before attempting Activity 4

Create your own Periodic Table of the elements on paper.  Make the key as shown in the book.  Follow the directions given in the book, complete the activity.

Read the Silly Story.

This week in Excavating English we will spend some time looking at Language families.  This is chapter FIVE.  It does not seem like a big week in language.  However, it is very dense.  Do not put this off.  You can not complete this and understand it in one day.

Card 5-1

Here are a few thoughts on the Tower of Babel

The UnMusuem

Bible Cities in Archaeology

Source documentation – Herodotus’s Babylon Visit

Who was Herodotus of Halicarnasus?

Card 5-2

Here is the Talmudic account you need to read for card 5-2.

Card 5-3

Here is the link needed to complete this card.

Card 5-4

To complete cards 5-4a and b you need this PDF – Language Family Tree 5-4.


I encourage you to complete your work and take an afternoon to view these videos. These series of videos are presented by the Turkish Stock Exchange and discuss the Hittites – the language which comes from the Anatolia group.


One comment

  1. LR’s Answers to the second card

    These are answers to the Talmudic Tower of Babble

    Q: What were Nimrod’s magical powers?
    A: Nimrod did not posses magic powers but did posses the evil power hate of God.

    Q: What happened when God confused the language of the workers?
    A: They all got frustrated and killed each other and some left.

    Q: What happened to the tower? How does it affect the people who walk near it?
    A: One third fell into the ground, another third burned, and the rest is still standing. People who walk by it loose their memory of it.

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