(04) The Atom and Phonology: Engines of Sound Change

This week prepare for discussions of atoms. Please read about atoms in the Elements book. Be sure to absorb information about this in detail.  We will be discussing this topic at circle.

As your first extension, use the compass to create your own “electron map” to be managed over the course of the week.  You may want to modify the map to better fit your life.

As your second extension, please watch observe these images.  In addition to the discussion in the Elements book, please construct two models out of Sculpy.  You must be prepared to present your model in circle with a discussion of levels and how they work.

For your third extension you need  JV’s plexiglas model.  Read the discussion beginning on page 25. It continues until page 28.

For your fourth extension write this into your notebook and solve it.:

Nitrogen:  1s ___ 2s ___ 2p ___ 3s___ 3p___

Sulfur: 1s ___ 2s ___ 2p ___ 3s___ 3p___

Neon: 1s ___ 2s ___ 2p ___ 3s___ 3p___

Chlorine: 1s ___ 2s ___ 2p ___ 3s___ 3p___

Lithium: 1s ___ 2s ___ 2p ___ 3s___ 3p___

Boron: 1s ___ 2s ___ 2p ___ 3s___ 3p___

Silicon: 1s ___ 2s ___ 2p ___ 3s___ 3p___

Florine: 1s ___ 2s ___ 2p ___ 3s___ 3p___

Please read the top of page 29.

For your fifth extension write down these elements and include the number of protons it has in its nucleus. (Hint: Remember that the atomic number is defined as the number of protons of element has.)

Ag          H         Os      Am       He       P      At      I      S      As      In      Se      B       Ir      Te      C      Li      U

For your sixth extension, please visit this website (Be patient. It takes a little while.)

For you seventh extension, please do the crossword puzzle found in this pdf: Extension 7.

Excavating English for this week.

Please read the chapter beginning on page 25.

We need to listen to some words for Card 4-1.  Ask for the disk and download the music to your itunes.

Watch this video to understand how Apraxia is overcome through use of Speech Therapy.


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