(12) Volcanoes

Please read the entire chapter beginning on page 29.

Project 1 – Upper Elementary

Please prepare a minimum of five paragraphs arranged into an essay discussing:  Classification of Volcanoes.  You must include definitions, examples, and hand made illustrations.  (Upper Elementary – Monday research and rough draft – type and Tuesday work on final draft and Wednesday AM illustrate and presentation finalized.) (Lower Elementary – you have all week to complete this work.)

Project 2 – Upper Elementary only – Wed – Fri

Research one aspect of volcanoes that YOU HAD NEVER HEARD OF BEFORE.  Prepare minimum of five paragraphs discussing this topic.

Words that may help the search process:

Lava composition

type of eruption

Mafic lava

Felsic Lava

Intermediate lava

Silicates in volcanoes

Viscosity of lava




Composite volcanoes

Videos that may be of assistance:

Websites that may be of assistance:

Types of Lava

Amount of Silicates in lava

Lava flow types


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