Montessori Together

June 14, 2010

This blog of Somewhat in the Air’s curricula for 2010-2011. This blog is dedicated to the study of seven home school children in the Charleston, SC area.  This group is Montessori in philosophy and strives to instruct children so they grow up to be joyful, inspired, and follow their personal path.

This year we are focusing in the lower elementary (age 6 to 9) on the laws governing the universe including the four great laws and how they affect the works of water and the works of wind; in the upper elementary (age 9 to 12) focused discussions about the great laws as they relate to physics and chemistry and the history of the English language, and in the erd kinder (ages 12 to 15) on quantifying physics in mathematical terms.

The pages for the week’s expectations and are a work in progress.  If you have any links you that you feel would benefit the studies, please let us know.

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